Prelude to KCWC

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I (along with a bunch of really talented and inspired sewists) are participating in the upcoming Kids Clothes Week Challenge on the Elsie Marley blog.  Toward that end, I'm trying to finish up some sewing I've begun, but not totally completed.

Here is my last UFO - a Family Reunion dress from, of course, Oliver + S patterns.  It was another pattern I had purchased, but hadn't gotten to yet.  No reason why, because every time I see one in the O+S forums, I absolutely love it.

This is made from a Kokka medium weight cotton.  It has a really nice drape; not too lightweight, so Julia can wear it in the fall, with a yet-to-be-made lightweight jacket.  The piping is some Kaffe Fasset shot cotton that I had leftover from another project.  I made it in exactly a 3T, no modifications.  I'd say it fits pretty true to size as Julia will be 3 in about a month.

Julia got new sparkly shoes yesterday, so she was ready to walk across the street and model her new dress with the new shoes.
Yeah, not exactly my taste in shoes, but I've got to let her express herself!

I had Julia help sew the buttons down the back, so here's a picture to memorialize her first sewing project:
I absolutely love this pattern; as with the Playdate pattern, I find that it is a beautiful frame to a child's face; I wonder if that was what Liesl was thinking when she designed this pattern...

I'm also taking pictures to make calendars for Christmas gifts for the grandparents, so here's my artsy shot for the day:

Now, on to planning, shopping, and organizing for KCWC!!!


  1. It's really beautiful, Janice.
    I have always loved this pattern, yet it's been in my unmade pile too - but am actually cutting one out today!
    As for the shoes - Lucy has an almost identical pair, and yep, she wears them with everything too ;-)

    1. Thanks! Now that I've traced it and made it, I know I'll be able to use it for probably a year - the size 3 fits well, and I'll just add length as she grows...makes me more apt to use a pattern, if I don't have to trace it!

      As for the shoes, I'm resigned to letting her pick her own out - I'm tired of spending money on shoes she refuses to wear!

  2. Beautiful - I love the fabric you chose. I'd ask you if you have more but I can't buy anymore right now. It is too easy for me to buy fabric online :)

    1. Well, we do have more so whenever you're ready!! It's a little bit heavier than the Paris Walk fabric. It's another favorite of my daughter to wear - the Family Reunion pattern is SO nice and comfortable for a toddler.