Two Ice Creams

Sunday, October 21, 2012

This weekend, we have a very special birthday to go to - my daughter's former babysitter's daughter's first birthday.  So, another opportunity to make a gift using an Oliver + S pattern.

I made her an Ice Cream dress, in size 12-18 months.  I've made 3 of the tops previously, and they go together so nicely, with all the seams either enclosed or finished. 

I used a really cute Robert Kaufman print from their Urban Circus line.  I really like it with the green - I used corduroy - and the gift recipient is a blond, blue eyed adorable baby, so I think these colors will look great.  This was the first time I made the dress, and I think I put together the hem facing upside down, and I didn't notice the instruction to understitch the facing.  

Next up was another one, this time for Julia.  I'm trying really hard to consider what she'll actually wear, as opposed to what I think I'd like her to wear.  At this point, she really doesn't want to wear pants.  Or even leggings.  Or t-shirts.  Only pretty dresses.  That's the bottom line.

I made this one out of an absolutely screaming print I've had in my stash forever.  It's from Alexander Henry, and I know I've had it for about 10 years.  I actually love the detail in the print, but even I have to admit it's pretty screaming.  I paired it with a red corduroy, but after I actually put it on my child, I realize that the red is too much of an orange red.  So, next time, I'll seek out a more blue toned red.  This is a 2T with 3T length.  No notches in the neck or pockets, cause, I'm lazy sometimes.

Still, when I finished it, she put it on with absolutely no fight, and cooperated with me taking photos.  Success!!

 I had a hard time with the levels in the photos because it was a pretty gray day, and the red and all the other colors were really bold.  Still, I like the way the photos came out - especially since the kid was cooperative.

We really don't get a lot of rain around here, so she got  a chance to do one of her favorite thing....jump in muddy puddles!  (We're big Peppa Pig fans around here...)

I love the lagoon across the street from us - we see the coolest birds!!

KCWC - Days 6 and 7....and, Success!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

For the last of KCWC, I made a jacket from a pattern I had downloaded from Etsy, from Dear My Kids.  This was the first time I tried one of their patterns, and it won't be the last because I now own 6 of their patterns....

The pattern came together well, but there were a couple of spots I didn't get.  For example, the back isn't cut on the fold, rather pieced together so there's a seam down the middle.  The pleat then is sewn about an inch from the seam.  To me, unless there's something I'm missing, it would look so much better without the middle seam.  So, that's what I'll do next time.  And, I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to attach the sleeves at the hem when turning the jacket right-side-out after sewing the lining.  Other than that, the pattern went together beautifully.  I thought I'd have more issues with the curved yoke, but it fit perfectly and looks really nice.  I have another jacket planned with this same pattern in a light blue corduroy lined with some of my hoarded Cape Ann fabric.

Here's the jacket:
It's a size 4, which turned out HUGE!  I was thinking that I should make it big, because I want her to wear it for a while, but I'm thinking she could wear this til she's in kindergarten!  I'll definitely sew a 3 (if not a 2) next time.

The fabric is a Kokka canvas, or so they call it.  Canvas, to me, is hard and scratchy, but this is not.  I washed it and line dried it, per the manufacturer's instructions, and it's really soft and comfortable.  It's just not heavyweight.  The lining is shot cotton.  It's a pretty lightweight jacket, but definitely good for an outer layer.

Here's all the things I made this week....I'm pretty damned pleased with myself!!

KCWC - Days 3 & 4 - Beaucoup de Flashbacks!

Friday, October 12, 2012

So, days 3 and 4 of KCWC are workdays.  I work about 10 hours per day, so there was really not a lot of time to sew.  What I did was use a pattern I had purchased a while ago, but not used to make a bunch of shirts - something my kid actually does need.

I was lucky enough to be a tester for Made By Rae's Washi dress, so I know how much thought and detail she puts into her patterns, especially the sizing.  So, for the Flashback Skinny tee, I trusted Rae and measured my daughter and decided to use a size 2 pattern, but lengthen the body by 3 inches.  It worked perfectly.

I was able to make all these shirts using only fabrics I had in my stash.  My oldest daughter is/was a gymnast, so I've got tons of cotton lycra left over from leotards.  Both of the floral shirts are the really stretchy knit with spandex.  The turquoise stripe and the Minnie Mouse fabrics are both interlock, and the grey is a really soft rib knit.  I applique'd the bold "J" on the stripe because after I put it together, I thought it needed something extra.

They're not hemmed yet because my plan is to take out the twin needle and hem them.

Here's the individual photos:
My favorite is the peach floral, but the gray one is a shirt that I'd wear for myself.

Now, on to the last project (or two)......

KCWC - Day 2....Sunday Brunch and a Flashback

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I took off sick (cough, cough) and was able to put together a skirt and a knit top for the fall.  My idea for this outfit is to pair it with some grey tights, and some black boots to complete the outfit.

The skirt is a canvas-weight cotton from Kokka.  I would say it's a bit lighter than denim, but not a fabric that's going to be a flow-y, spinning skirt that my 2 year old likes.  I think this fabric would also make a really cool tote, or backpack.

I'm really lucky to be able to personally go to the one distributor for Kokka fabric in the U.S. as they are based about 15 minutes from where I live.  I get to go, and browse through all the Kokka, Nani Iro, etc. fabrics and order for my shop.  It's very dangerous, as much as I love Japanese fabric!

The fabric designer is Yusuke Yonezu.  Here's more info about the fabric line:

Here's the skirt:
There's little things about Kokka fabrics that I love - here's a picture of the selvedge:
I have no idea what I'd ever do with that selvedge, other than maybe a label or a trim, but it made me happy.

The top is the Flashback Skinny Tee from Made by Rae.  This is a really nice, downloadable pattern.  I've made about a bazillion t-shirts for my older kids (usually using Kwik Sew patterns) so I'm not afraid of knits and know how to apply ribbing.  I used a really soft grey knit, and I think I may make another in a turtleneck out of the same fabric.

My next project for KCWC is several more Flashback Tees in an assortment of fabrics and colors....stay tuned!

KCWC - An Early Start

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm really ready to go and get a good start on my fall sewing.  I've been organizing, and planning for a couple of weeks.  Since I never know during the week when I'll get time to sew, I started today.  I sewed both this morning, and during afternoon nap time.  I managed to make a really cute outfit:

I used the Class Picnic top from Oliver + S, plus the music class skirt.  I made the top this morning, and since it was the third one I'd made, I had no problems with the sewing.  What I did have, however, was problems with the cutting.  I really can't explain what I did, but I did have a plan with the fabric, which is a Nani Iro double gauze.  I planned to cut the top yoke, and the top of the sleeves from the predominantly white part, and have the more orange part at the bottom of the sleeve and the front/back.  What I did, somehow, and I really don't know how, was I used the bottom pattern piece twice, didn't cut any sleeves, and then when I figured out what I did, I cut the sleeve upside down from what I had intended.  Yeah.

Regardless of my errors, I still love the top.  The fabric is just so soft.  It really is just a joy to sew with.  And, this top works great with the it's kind of a loose fitting, flow-y top.

I then, during afternoon nap time - about two hours - made my first music class skirt.  I used orange corduroy from Freespirit.  The pattern is really clever how it's put together and it has pockets on the sides which my daughter really liked.

My daughter woke up from her nap and actually volunteered to put on the outfit and take some photos....which explains the hair-do!

Since lately picture taking has been like pulling teeth, I didn't want to worry about her hair.....
This reminds me of the semi-pouty models you see in magazines......anyways, I'm really happy I was able to fully complete an entire outfit today - and one my kid actually likes!