Halloween 2014 - The Decision

Thursday, October 23, 2014

We put a lot of thought/discussion into Halloween costumes.  Maybe too much.

There's the whole philosophical discussion to be had - don't look like everyone else, be your own person.  Then there's the realistic - I can't make you into a spaceship that actually flies.  Then, of course, comes the part where I have to convince my kid not to be Elsa....

This year, Julia has been watching a lot more "educational" TV.  Well, educational plus episodes of The Brady Bunch.  So, she decided that she wanted to be Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus.  One good look at what Miss Frizzle wears and I was 100% on board.

Seriously, anyone who follows my sewing knows how much I love the Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress.  Isn't that exactly what The Frizz is wearing?

I added a circle skirt to the Jump Rope dress using pattern pieces from another pattern (Tinny Dress by Straightgrain).  The Jump Rope dress is a size 4, and the Tinny Dress pieces were a size 5.  I eyeballed the waist measurement of the bodice and lopped an inch off each side piece of the circle skirt; fit perfectly!  I will be definitely adding a circle skirt to the Jump Rope dress again....nothing makes my child happier than a circle skirt!

I toyed with the idea of printing the fabric on Spoonflower.  A good idea, but a bit expensive.  Then, my next idea was to make felt appliques of the various science stuff.  Seriously time consuming.  Freezer paper stencil?  Time consuming, and I'm not great at it.  Then, I remembered that I had bought some fabric transfer paper and had never used it.  Hmmmm.....

I used Avery 3271 Light Fabric Transfers.  I used a couple of old white t-shirts, and found some free clipart all over the internet for the various transfers; a beaker, a rocket, the sun, etc.  I sized all the pictures to be approximately in the 3-4" area so that I didn't have to applique teeny designs.  I applied the transfers to the t-shirt per the instructions, held my breath, and pulled off the paper - it worked PERFECTLY!  I was delighted.

I then used applique scissors to carefully cut out the fabric around the edge of the design.  Then, I used black thread and machine stitched all the designs onto the pattern pieces.  I have to admit, it took a while.  But, I did it over a few days, so it wasn't that painful.

To complete the outfit, I made her a trick-or-treat bag from a free pattern from Swoon Patterns - the Ethel Tote Bag.  I added a couple of inches to the width so it will be able to hold all the Halloween candy!  I used the same transfer technique to add the Magic School Bus graphic.

Halloween outfit complete - and one happy child!!

A Liberty Avery Dress

Monday, October 6, 2014

So, sew-a-longs.  I think I like them.

This is the third sew-a-long I have participated in.  The first was for a Japanese pattern that I had been wanting to sew, the second was for a Modkid bag that I wanted to try, and now, a sew-a-long for a dress pattern that I meant to get when it was released originally - The Avery Dress from Modkid.

A drop waist - yes, please.  Seemed pretty simple.  So, I bought the pattern and joined in.  But, for some reason, I couldn't choose fabric....

Then, I remembered the lovely Liberty of London lawn that my oldest son brought me back from his Europe trip last summer....and, being daring, I cut into the Liberty...

Here's the result:

Enough pictures??!!

The dress has a lined bodice, and a bunch of options - sleeveless, long sleeves, or these super-cute puff short sleeves.  Knowing my child, I made sure that the elastic was very, very loose or she would never wear them.  There's also a cute little pocket which I intended to add, but I lost it and didn't find it until the dress was put together.....next time....because there will surely be a next time for this pattern!