Oliver + S - Music Class Blouse

Friday, March 30, 2012

So, every time I make another pattern by Oliver + S, I think I've found a new favorite.  This pattern was nothing different.  I used a check (obviously!) and a very, very lightweight denim for the contrast.  My husband said she looked like she could work at Bristol Farms, or like Lebron during "The Decision"....

I made this over a couple of weekends.  I tried to be very careful tracing and cutting.  There are sweet little pintucks in the front and back, and if you're not careful, your bodice won't line up correctly.  As I was careful, it actually worked out!

The collar is totally sweet - a beautiful frame for a little girl face.  It's one piece, and rolls beautiful.  The pattern recommends you hand stitch it down, but I machine stitched, and it looks fine.  I keep reminding myself I'm sewing for a 2 year old, so it really doesn't have to be perfect.

I was also pleased at how my plaids lined up...and I added a contrast binding at the sleeve.  Now, on to the next project!