2015....Sewing Plans

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

When you feel like you haven't accomplished much during a year (sewing-wise), make a collage like these....

When I look back at 2014, I see some definite trends.  I added bag-making to my repertoire.  Surprisingly, I'm actually enjoying it.  I'm using patterns mostly from Swoon Patterns.  There's a very active Facebook group associated with this pattern designer, and it certainly makes it more fun to join in.

Of course, my Oliver + S sewing continues to dominate.  It really helps when you can buy a pattern, and sew it up in your best fabric and be sure it will go together well, and fit the way it's supposed to.  Unfortunately, I made a bunch of the same patterns over and over again.  Which leads to my resolutions.

I am joining in with a bunch of other folks at Sew Not Perfect in their goal to "Sew Your Pattern Stash 2015".  There are monthly themes, which will kind of force me to make some of these lingering (in my head) projects that haven't been done.  For example, month 1 is "Women".  Why, when I have no clothes barely, do I not sew for myself?  There's a ton of excuses - big people clothes use up way more fabric than little people clothes, I'm not comfortable with fitting myself, etc. etc.  Mostly, for work, I wear jeans, construction work boots.  I do need some tops - generally, I wear very comfortable knit tops from Target - when they fall apart, I just buy a new round.  I'm pretty darned sure that I can make myself a knit top.  I have the family t-shirt pack from Oliver + S - seriously, why have I not made one of these?  So, that's on my sewing agenda for month 1.

So, without further ado, here's my 2015 grand plan:

1.  Make something on the agenda for "Sew Your Pattern Stash 2015" every month
2.  Try very hard to make a Christmas gift every month
3.  Make a project with my embroidery machine every month
4.  Don't buy the child any clothes

I know I can accomplish #1.  #2 and #3 are more iffy.  #4 should be no problem.  I did buy her some clothes for Christmas, but really for the most part, everything she wears is either a hand-me-down, something I made, or something that someone else gifted her.

If you're interested in joining in the Sew Your Pattern Stash 2015, here's the list of the projects:

Happy New Year to all!!!!!

The Blaverry Clara Dress

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Before the craziness of the holidays - yes, it was crazy... - I tested a pattern from a designer that I had never tried out; Blaverry on Etsy.  Her patterns are very sleek looking - I definitely was intrigued by the excellent photography and modern look.  In fact, I just looked and some of her patterns are 50% off right now....

Anyways, I didn't know how the Clara Twirl Dress was going to turn out, so I used some totally ugly calico I had in my stash - why I had this I have no clue - but I eked out the dress out of about a yard and a half.

This dress has some very nice details - a collar with a collar stand, a bound neck edge, bound arm seams, and unique side pockets.  The front buttonhole placket is narrow, and you use small buttons; I really like this look.

This is a size 4 on Julia - sewn with no modifications.  I think I need to use 5 length in the bodice, and maybe 6 length in the skirt.  I want to make this dress again, and use fabric I actually like.  It gets a thumbs up from the kid....except, when she initially put it on, she was pulling at the collar.  She's a kid who hates things touching her neck.  But, after we walked around the block for pictures, she forgot about it.  So, I think it will work for her.

Notice we actually have green grass....that's what some rain will do for you in Southern California!  We're in the midst of a long drought, and for months and months, everyone's grass has been brown.  You get strange looks from your neighbors if you waste water.  So, the recent rain has been very welcome.

Thanks for reading - hope your holiday was as fun/crazy as ours!