KCW - Day 3 - The Volcano!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My kid is obsessed with volcanoes.  We watch youtube videos of eruptions, we read books about them.  We talk about them.  And talk, and talk, and talk.

When I asked Julia what she wanted to be for Halloween, she wanted to be a princess.  I asked her again - and again I got "princess".  So, I kept asking until I got an answer that I liked!  Finally, she said, "how about a volcano costume?"  I immediately went to work....

I made this using the Oliver + S Bubble Dress pattern.  I used some very old black corduroy for the body, I used two pillowcases to cut the lining.  I lined the body with fleece.  All these things were from my stash.  I had some random gray coarse fabric that I used for the lava.

Julia and I worked together to paint the flame/lava running down the volcano.  Anytime I involve her in the process, it makes her that much more excited to wear what we've made.

I made a flame-crown out of several layers of fabric and used Wonder Under to stick them together.  There's also a layer of heavy interfacing between the layers that I had left over from some handbag making.

When the costume was almost put together, we decided that it needed more body.  I put a hoop made out of wire coat hangers in the bottom, but still it needed more body.  I tore the bubble hem apart, and stuck a bunch of bubble wrap we had lying around up inside the body.  It totally did the trick!

I'm so happy I was able to put this together for my daughter - who will NOT be the same as every fairy princess trick-or-treating this year!  Hopefully, she won't be in years of therapy as a result!!

I wonder if we'll see any other little volcanoes running around this Halloween!!

So, that's what I finished off on day 3 of Kids Clothes Week!!!


  1. It's fantastic and I like the approach of keep asking until you hear an answer you like, only not when the kids themselves do it!

  2. This is brilliant! What an awesome Halloween costume.

  3. SOO fun!! Loving that idea :o) Pinning to my Halloween board on pinterest :o) Looks like you are having as much fun as I am sewing this week :o) EMily@nap-timecreations

  4. So cool! My daughter was a volcano three years ago :) Though her costume was all fleece since it is cold in the Northwest.

  5. I love this, Janice! Julia makes an awesome volcano!

  6. The volcano is so cool! I had a similar experience with my three-year old this year http://margeeslim.blogspot.com/2013/10/halloween-2013-mad-bird-judge.html.