Saturday Sewing

Saturday, June 22, 2013

So I had a productive day today.

My older daughter and her fiance - yes, there's a wedding coming someday - are attending a birthday party for a little boy turning two.  For some reason, they requested I make a shirt, with a giraffe, that said "tee-hee-hee".  No clue why, but that's what they wanted.

So, since I'm a long-time fabric hoarder, I was able to put together this t-shirt:

I used the Flashback Skinny Tee from Made by Rae.  I used a really nice, soft cotton interlock, I'm sure left over from my boy-sewing days.  The brown rib is a knit I have in my shop.  I had a remnant of a spotty cotton for the background, and the yellow is another nice, soft yellow interlock that I have about 3 yards of for some reason....

Anyways, I found an appropriate giraffe clip art picture, and did some reasonably good applique work.  It's hardly perfect - imperfect stitching, and slightly wonky neckline, but it's made by a human, so it is what it is!  As Julia's pre-school teacher says, "don't have a fit, you get what you get". 

I spent some time with my kid after making the shirt and sending it off to the party, and while she napped, I made yet another drawstring bag from LTTS.  This is for sure my go-to kid party gift as long as I have time.  This one is for one of my daughter's classmates who is moving out of town, so I wanted to be sure to make time for him.  Once I make the trip to Target, this will contain some type of Lego guys.....This is Kokka fabric from my shop, with some leftover black linen from my stash.  Every time I make one of these bags, I think "this one is my favorite..." - well, this one is a close second to the one I made a couple of weeks ago from Anne Kelle Girlfriend Princess fabric....

This may be all my sewing for the weekend, as we have a birthday party and basketball practice Sunday, but I feel good about my projects for the weekend!


Monday, June 10, 2013


Blog Silence...

So I haven't blogged in a little bit, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been sewing. I'm working on a fall jacket, made from Japanese canvas lined with Polar fleece. It's currently sitting as a UFO, but I'm excited to get it finished. I've just got to figure out a buttonhole solution on the heavy jacket...

 I tested a pattern for The Cottage Mama The Daphne Wrap Dress. The testing process was something I'd never been a part of on this level - she put a call out for testers, then invited you to a private Facebook group. She had four patterns that she was releasing, and a group assigned to each pattern. My assigned pattern was last, so I got to watch the process unfold. The three patterns seemed to go seamlessly (no pun intended) but when she got to the pattern I was working on, there were some glitches. I submitted my photo, and the designer wasn't happy - not with my work way the way the pattern turned out.  She didn't like the yoke length, (which hit at Julia' belly) and promptly re-did the yoke.

.Take two - went together really quickly, as I'd already sewed one!

Apparently, this was more like what the designer had in mind - a shorter yoke length.  The second time, I made a size 4 with the 5 length....much better than take 1!

Fabric for both dresses are from my shop....the top is Anne Kelle's Girlfriend line....absolutely ADORABLE princesses....some with blond hair, some with dark hair, glasses, etc.  I just LOVE Anne Kelle's designs!   The second dress is made with fabric from Moda - Boho by Urban Chiks.  The fabric has a great hand to it, consistent with all the Moda fabric I've used so far. 

I did applique on the yoke of both dresses, and, my kid likes them!  Apparently, they are comfortable to wear, which is half the battle with a 3 year old.

I also made a little gift bag from the Anne Kelle Girlfriend standard gift for preschool birthday parties...from the Oliver + S Little Things to Sew....

I put some pink jewelry, a pink princess t-shirt, and some girly sunglasses.  The gift was very well received by the recipient!

My next project will be my entry into the Flip This Pattern competition over at the Frances Suzanne Blog - if you haven't read their blog, you should - it's the sewing adventures of sisters who sew for their niece....they are amazing sewists, and are running a very fun competition....I'm up in July, so the rest of June will be getting ready!  I've got something cool, and VERY unexpected in store!!!