Two Swingsets

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Oliver + S Swingset Tunic pattern was one of the very first Oliver + S patterns I wanted.  It took me forever to find one in the larger size, but I finally did.

I actually had an extended long weekend from work this holiday weekend, so I found some time to sew, in between cooking, a two-year old's earache with a trip to the doctor, and some superficial house cleaning.

I chose two totally different fabrics - the first, a floral quilting cotton that I found in the remnant bin at my local quilting store for about $2.50.  The beauty of this pattern is that it takes a mere half yard of the main fabric.  I actually used an old white sheet for the lining fabric on this one.

I made this in a size 3 for my 2 1/2 year old.  I originally thought I should trace a two and add length, but this size worked out just fine.  It works well with the hot pink Sunday Brunch corduroy skirt I made previously.
My daughter was less than cooperative with the photos - refused to have her hair done....she's going through a phase where she wants her hair down, which leads to lots of tangles, which leads to lots of crying the next morning while I'm trying to do her hair for school....
The next fabric is an unknown fabric that I've had in my stash for years.  I used it for a shirt years ago for my now 22 year old daughter.  It worked really well in this pattern as well - I love these colors on my daughter - it screams summer to me....

These two tops made me happy because I was able to make both without a trip to the fabric store.  I had perfect buttons for both in my stash, and I didn't even need thread.  I'll be making a bunch more of these tops, especially since my daughter loved them.

Next, off to enjoy the last day of my long weekend!

Kokka Nature Walk

Saturday, May 12, 2012


We are having some early morning gray weather in Southern California lately, especially by the beach.  I thought I'd make a Nature Walk top, a pattern by Oliver + S.  I used some Kokka Trefle from the Scandia collection fabric that I purchased for sale in my shop....when that opens!

The bottom is linen - a perfect match for the weight of the Kokka cotton.  I love the details of this pattern, as with all Oliver + S patterns.  It goes together beautifully.  I added some decorative stitching around the pockets:

The large pouch in front was absolutely perfect for a walk on the beach...perfect for shells, and whatever else a 2 year old picks up on the beach!

A Mother's Day Gift

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I always try really hard to get my mother her Mother's Day gift on time.  Mostly, I fail.  I end up sending an email gift card, or something like that.  This year, I was determined to succeed.  I live in California, and my mother lives in Massachusetts, so I knew I had to get something in the mail by Thursday.

I chose the new "Split Personality Reversible Bag" pattern.  Since this was produced by Liesl Gibson from Oliver + S, I knew 100% that it would come together with no problem.  And, I was right!

The bag came together really in four days.  One day shopping for fabric.  The next day cutting out the pattern and figuring out which fabric was A, B, C, etc.  That doesn't sound like it should be tough, but it's really important when putting the bag together to be really organized and don't forget which fabric should go where.  Next night, cut out the fabric and sewed about half.  Wednesday night, completed bag!

My fabrics are heavy linen for the navy blue, and prints from Amy Butler's Lark line.  The stripe is a random cotton from JoAnn's that happened to coordinate perfectly.  My mother had asked for a navy blue bag - hopefully, she didn't mean a plain blue!

I stuck sticky notes on the leftover fabric after cutting to stay organized.  I followed the directions step by step.  Other than one thing that I think may be an errata in the pattern where I ended up sewing the button loop on backwards, there were no issues.  I managed to sew this in the evenings, after work, which is not usually my time to sew.  I made it in between making dinners, pick-ups from pre-school, basketball practice, etc.  I'm happy with the results!

Forgive the less-than-stellar photos, as I had to take pictures at night.  It's much easier to take photos of cute clothing on a toddler than it is to take photos of a bag.  Really.

And, oh yeah - just barely noticeable in the background, an empty bottle of Molson Canadian!  My favorite adult beverage to sew by!