A Hanukkah Show Playdate....

Monday, December 10, 2012

My daughter goes to a Jewish pre-school.  We're actually no religion, but certainly celebrate Christmas....so, she needed something to wear for the annual Hanukkah show - which will feature Julia's rendition of "Latkes and Applesauce" along with her classmates...sneak preview here:

Click here to watch the video:  Julia sings...

I wanted to make her a dress using the Playdate Dress pattern from Oliver + S.  I made her one previously, and she hated it.  So, not to be deterred, I tried it again:

It's made from very dark navy blue stretch velvet left over from my gymnastic leotard making days....the yoke is linen, with a lace insert.  I considered doing embroidery on the yoke, but I'm glad I didn't.  I don't even have buttons for it, and I may just leave it like this.

It's a size 3 with about 3 inches added to the bottom.  A perfect fit.

Talk about hard to photograph.....

Anyways, here's a couple of modeled shots....I asked her if she'd like to wear it for her show on Friday, and she said yes.....so, we'll see!

Success on several counts....

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm making a concerted effort to:

- use up fabric that I've had for more years than I want to own up to,
- use my machine's embroidery features,
- take into consideration Julia's "style" and what she likes and wants to wear (regardless of my "style")

This one worked for all three:

It's made from purple velour that I've had in a Tupperware bin in my garage for at least 17 years.  I know this because the tag from the moving company is still on the bin from when I moved from Canada to California in 1995!

I used the Oliver + S Class Picnic top pattern.  I saw this modification on Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/disdressed/6949853281/in/faves-janice4839/ made by the maker of the Oliver + S pattern, so I know it would totally work!  It's simply elongating the torso, and adding a ruffle.  Easy, except that she recommended that the ruffle should start halfway between the wearer's waist and hipbone - since I couldn't find either Julia's waist, nor hipbone, I kind of just punted!  It actually came out kind of long, but she loves it:

It spins!!!

Once a dress passes the spin test, and it has no tags to itch, and soft fabric, she might just wear it!  Time will tell!

I used some variegated thread to make the snowflakes - I was very pleased the way they came out.

I made this in a size 4, and since it's pretty long, I have hope that she may be able to wear it again next year....

I'm just about to get started with some Christmas sewing.....I have lots on my list, including a baby gift for one of my co-workers....should be a fun month!