A Posy Geranium!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

I've been seeing so many adorable Geranium Dresses in the Geranium dress Flickr pool.  So, in spite of the fact that I need another pattern like a hole in the head (as my father used to say!) I broke down and downloaded it.  What I loved is the fact that it is exactly the type of dress my dress-wearing child likes - a gathered skirt, no sleeves, and pockets.  How could I go wrong?

Well, really, I couldn't go wrong.....

I chose some adorable, soft, sweet fabric from Aneela Hoey's Posy line from Moda.  I love the teeny bunnies!
There are a few shades of pink on a very pale lavender - perfect for my girly girl....I did some embroidery around the neckline to add detail and emphasize the really sweet neckline....

So, here's where I went wrong - the front and back are cut from the same pattern piece - one on the fold for the front, and the back not on the fold.  When cutting the piece for back, I laid my front piece on the fabric and cut around it.  Well, I also sliced a hair's worth of fabric off the fold, resulting in a gaping hole down the front of the dress.....I kind of figured I could hide the mistake in the pleats and just sewed a very narrow seam down the front.  Kind of ugly really....and, next mistake, I sewed the pockets too close together and am way too lazy to pick them out and re-do them.

Other than my mistakes, the pattern is wonderful!  Great options for flutter sleeve, sleeveless, and a faux cap sleeve - all great options for my sleeve-hating child!

The fabric is wonderful - very, very soft base cloth, which would be great for girls clothing or an amazingly soft quilt.  This dress is a size 3T with 4T length.  Fits exactly like my kid likes it.

She loves the dress and won't take it off....success!!


  1. So pretty and I love the colour on her.
    The mistakes don't look at all bad from here!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, from another continent! At least I know what not to do for the next time I make one....

  2. It's lovely, and the fit looks great. I love your embroidery at the top, too. As for mistakes, I seem to make the same ones every time I sew - and not a thing gets made without a whole lot of unpicking...

  3. It's so beautiful (both dress and sweet girl)!
    And the color is just perfect on your her! I'm hoping ot get some of this collection for my summer sewing - love the delicate colors and sweet prints!
    Love the embroidery at the top as well (and I second the above, the mistakes are not visible. We often are our worst critics)

    1. Thanks Ana Sofia! I'm cutting out two more Geraniums right now - won't make the same mistakes over again!