KCW....Days 2, 3, 4....A Kokka Seersucker Flip!

Friday, July 19, 2013

I haven't had too much time to sew this week, even though it's one of my most inspirational sewing events...Kids Clothes Week.  What I made for the past several days is another version of my "flipped" Oliver + S Roller Skate tunic. 

I used some adorable Kokka seersucker from my shop.  I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it - it has teeny foxes and other indeterminate animals on it - Julia first said they were moles, then bunnies....well, here it is - you decide:

Here's the outfit...

My kid flipped out when she saw the shorts - not in a good way - and swore up and down that they were "brown" and that she wouldn't wear them.  She had to poll all her siblings and her father, then she believed me that they are not brown, but plum.  The shorts are made from the Oliver + S Bedtime Story pajamas pattern....I like using it for shorts because there's no side seam.  Julia quite likes the pockets on these, now that she believes that they are not brown.

I lined the tunic with a sheet I stole from my older kids....they never use the flat sheet, and this one was a nice light microfiber one - I bet it feels great on!

We just took a walk to the candy store down on Second Street - the "business corridor" in my neighborhood....she got a ton of compliments on her outfit while walking down the street....made me feel pretty good!



  1. This is really cute! Im glad shes happy about the shorts now because theyre really cute... I have yet to take my son into that candy shop. He cant really have candy but loves chocolate so i need to take him soon.

  2. so adorable! I have to look at that fabric.