KCW - Fall 2013 - Days 1 and 2....And The Plan

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I love Kids Clothes Week!

This time, it came at a very tough time for me.  I knew in advance that I was going to be working a minimum of 60 hours this week.  And, planning a birthday party.  And attend two birthday parties.

I decided that this week will be devoted to those already cut out projects sitting on my sewing table.  And a Halloween costume.

On my table, I have:

Two Oliver + S Hopscotch skirts
Two Oliver + S Hopscotch shirts
One Oliver + S Apple Picking Dress
One Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket
One Clever Charlotte Chickadee Skirt
One in-process Volcano Costume

I worked yesterday and today on the first Hopscotch skirt - it's made from a linen cotton blend from Westminster fabric....I made a size 4, which I think will be worn for a very long time...

I actually brought the whole thing to work today, and sat in my car at lunchtime and sewed on the buttons...

Don't you just love these pockets?  And, ignore the blue marking pen.....

I should have modeled photos tomorrow - and hopefully, more to show!