Perfect Pattern Parcel #2 - The Hanami by StraightGrain

Monday, April 14, 2014

When I got the email asking me if I'd participate in the blog tour for Pattern Parcel I was absolutely delighted!  First of all, that they even asked me.  Then, when I saw the list of patterns, I knew I'd have some fun.

The first one I sewed was the Hanami Pattern by An, from Straight Grain.  I was one of the testers for this pattern, so I know it well.  I also know that it is one of my kid's faves - the dresses she pulls from the closet first when I let her choose.

For this version, I decided to make the most absolute simple version of the dress.  I wanted to use a Yuwa lawn from the shop - for some unknown reason, called "Thrilling Black".

The photo doesn't show the selvedge on the fabric - it's pretty wide, so I decided just to use it as a contrast band along the botton.  

This is the first - and not last - I've ever sewn with a lawn fabric.  It's super easy to sew, as it's 100% cotton.   Washed up great as well.  And, best of all for the kid, it's really light weight.  

So I went a bit crazy with the photos, so get ready....

Our dog willingly came along for the photo shoot, and I actually think she liked it!

I used the cross back option, and this time (as opposed to the other times I made the pattern) I actually paid attention to the buttonhole placement.  Makes it much neater in the back!

Now that I've actually put in two invisible zippers, I'm going to make up a Hanami version with a zip and the adorable little collar.  And, I still haven't made the tunic version.....

Perfect Pattern Parcel #2 is only available for a few more days, so go check it out!

Ok, one last photo of my kid.....and, check out the "Julia's Views" page for her thoughts on the Hanami!!


  1. She's gorgeous! The dress looks great on her.

  2. Nice job! The red is a great color for her!

    1. Thanks Sara....a nice change from the pink she wants to wear all the time!

  3. I have to agree with Sara. That red looks fabulous on her!

  4. This fabric is wonderful and looks so great on her! I'm a fan of the Hanami as well.