The "Claire" Pajamas

Monday, July 14, 2014

I got to test a very sweet pajama pattern for Lindsay Wilkes at The Cottage Mama.  As they're being released tomorrow, I don't know exactly how she is going to describe them, but I would say they're a very cute, fairly girly pajama pattern that includes both a nightgown, and top/bottom.  I jumped on the chance to test the nightgown, as that's what my kid really prefers.

Sometimes, when you do testing for a new pattern, the pattern is off.  Things don't add up perfectly, seams don't match, directions are lacking.  Well, this one went perfectly.  I made my daughter a size 4, with 5 length, which is what I am making her in everything right now.  The fit is spot on.  They went together perfectly.

Super-cute, eh!  These are made in some Riley Blake flannel from my shop.

Seriously, Riley Blake flannel is amazing - washes up really soft, doesn't pill.  It's not like it's super-expensive, but it's not $1.99/yard like you can get flannel at some of the big box stores.  To me, it's worth it if I'm going to spend the time making something, I want it to last.  And, my kid will not wear it if it's not.

For another go-round of this pattern, I'm going to leave off the neck ruffle.  My daughter is very sensitive to anything coming anywhere near her neck, and even though it barely touches her neck, and the fabric is very soft, I prefer to avoid any issues!

And, the pattern comes with a matching doll pattern!  Once it's released, you can get it here.


  1. such a sweet gown! reminds me of what I wore as a little girl. cant wait to make a Claire for my little girl. thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow, that's a real vintage nightie! I agree, the Riley Blake flannel is lovely isn't it. I've bought it before and would again, and definitely much, much nicer than the chain store generic stuff.

  3. So sweet!! And how funny, I share your daughter's neck issues! Since childhood, I could not stand turtlenecks, collars buttoned to the top, neck ruffles, even some t-shirts with too-high crew necks. So she's not alone in that weirdness, and it may last her whole life! (I am okay with a soft loosely draped scarf and that's about it. :-) )

  4. I love your version so much - the colors really suit her :)
    And I do agree with you, RB flannel is indeed worth the price (especially for something that gets worn quite a lot, like sleepwear).