The Hemlock and Magnolia

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Have you been looking for a couple of super easy, well put together, perfectly sized, girl approved patterns for your daughter?  Well, you can thank me.  Well, actually, you can thank Heidi at Elegance and Elephants.

Seriously cute.  The Hemlock Top has a great sleeve ruffle detail - easy to insert as it's not "too" ruffly.  You can make it in long sleeve or short sleeve.  For this top, I went into my husband's closet and grabbed one of his multitude of white t-shirts.  I worked with Julia on my first ever freezer paper stencil.  We traced the flower together, I cut it out, and Julia applied the paint.  Part of my on-going plan to engage her in the clothing making process to ensure that she will actually wear the things I made.

 The Magnolia Skirt comes with two options - one for a knit, and one for a woven.  How smart is that?  The knit is a bit wider to allow for even more "spin" - my version is made out of a very nice soft corduroy and even though it's fairly narrow fitting at the waist and through the hips, the bottom flares out - perfect for the girl who likes to spin.  Like mine.

More photos of the kid - seriously get the pattern.  It's releasing later this week.  And, if this isn't cute enough for you, check out some gorgeous photos of Heidi's daughter, and her other September release pattern in her very cool E&E Patterns Fall 2014 Look Book.

Thanks Heidi for letting me test your patterns!


  1. What a great outfit on her!
    Heidi patterns always feature such nice details and I totally agree with you: kids love them :)

  2. Seriously cute tee, I will certainly be purchasing this one!

  3. That is really sweet! I love the patterned fabric with the simple solid, and the stenciled flower is the perfect finish. I love that Julia was able to help with the flower too! I'm hoping I get a chance to try that idea with my daughters soon.

  4. Adorable outfit! I like the little ruffles at the shoulders.:)