Sew-Jo Coming Back.....

Sunday, May 1, 2016

I haven't sewn a ton over the past few months.  And when I sewed, I didn't necessarily blog.  But, I think I may be getting back on track!

I made a quick outfit for Julia on Saturday.  Previously, just about two years ago, I made these shorts:

Well, these shorts stayed in the drawer for about a year and a half.  She refused to wear them.  Then, all of a sudden, they became The Golden Boy (Seinfeld reference) of her wardrobe.  Every day, when she got home from school, on went these shorts and a black tank.  Every day.  These shorts are now a pretty disgusting shade of grey with flowers.

So, I used some similar fleece and made this outfit:

These shorts are a size 5 straight up.  I may make the next pair a bit shorter - they are kind of an awkward length.  The previous ones were a size 4 and I think she still could wear a size 4.  The pattern is the free Sunny Days Shorts from Oliver + S.  I added front pockets and back pockets.    Gotta have pockets.

The top is another Oliver + S pattern - the School Bus T-Shirt.  This is a size 4 with about 5 inches added to the length.  The fabric is hideous to work with.  It is that kind of burn-out fabric which my daughter loves.  Unfortunately, it's a pain in the butt to work with - it curled like nobody's business.  The neck band application was atrocious so I went to the iron to give it a blast of steam.  Mistake.  Burnt a hole in it, hence, the lovely bow at the neckline.  I was actually going to put it straight in the trash, but Julia really liked it, so we'll see what happens....I have more of the hideous fabric - a lot more.

Next up, a Mother's Day gift.....


  1. Why do we always have more of the 'hideous' fabric? (Which doesn't look a bit hideous BTW)
    Julia looks gorgeous and I used to have a pair of designer jeans in a very similar print, I loved them.
    xx N

  2. The outfit looks fabulous so I really appreciate you sharing the difficulties you had! I have a crazy amount of fabric stashed for various outfits for my daughter, hopefully some of that gets made this year :)

  3. Ick, I know exactly what you mean about that sort of fabric. You made it look effortless, though - the bow is exactly the sort of detail that makes it look RTW. Look at how tall she is!

  4. What a cute oufit! The bow totally makes the shirt, so I'd call burning the neckline a lucky accident! =) I know the kind of fabric you are talking about though... it's just awful to work with!

  5. Love the outfit-so cheerful! I've been working with some teeth-gnashingly delicate laces, and thought you might be able to use the same trick that has tamed my lace: soak it in a plain gelatin solution, then dry it flat. It makes it feel like paper, and sews like a dream. Then wash as usual, and your fabric is returned to its old, soft, drapey self.

    1. Terial Magic spray would do similar with less mess I think. Love that outfit!

  6. Fantastic play clothes! Excellent save on the top - the bow is adorable and I never would've guessed there was an iron-burn-disaster involved with it, it looks very intentional!

  7. I'm with everyone else, the bow was meant to be!

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