The Mira Dress from Elegance and Elephants

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hi!  Have you seen the new pattern from Heidi at Elegance and Elephants?  She started posting her photos on Instagram a while ago, and I was immediately intrigued - a square neckline gets me every time!  If you don't already follow Heidi and her blog you should; she's got a great line of patterns, and she always posts very helpful sewing tips and info.

Without further ado, here's my version of the Mira - and then I'll tell you how it came to be:

This was not what I had planned.  The plan was an embroidered bodice, contrast hem in a lovely grey and white check that I've been saving for the right project.  Well, little did I realize that since we moved to Michigan in August, I have not used the embroidery function on my sewing machine.  Sadly, I cannot for the life of me find the stupid cord that I need to download embroidery designs!  So, that version will have to wait...

While I was coming up with a plan B, Julia was lurking around my sewing area....and found this Woodland Clearing cotton lawn from Robert Kaufman...and this crocheted lace.  I asked if she would like a dress, and she said no; she wanted a long top to wear with her skinny jeans. Well, ok then!

Please excuse the horrible indoor photos - it's still super-cold here.  I actually did try to take outside photos...but the poor child was miserable, so we ran back inside.  Oh, yes, also please forgive the end-of-the-day-after-school hair!  Actually, the hair is apres-school, apres-dance class!

Anyways, she squealed when she saw the top.  Success!  Also, she pointed out that she can wear it to school when it's warm as it will pass the non-spaghetti strap rule.  This is VERY important in Julia's life!

As to the pattern, as always with Heidi's patterns, the instructions are great.  The photos are clear.  She has a video tutorial that you can refer to regarding the "burrito" method of making the bodice.  It may be a bit confusing the first time you try this method, but once you see where it leads, it's not confusing at all and you end up with a beautifully finished bodice....and who doesn't love that!

Heidi is offering a coupon code in her shop -  it's "MIRATOUR" and it will be for 10% off your entire order from the shop. This code will expire on Monday, March 27 at 11:59PM PST.

Thanks Heidi for asking me to participate in your blog tour, and thanks for a great pattern!


  1. This is just gorgeous! I love the fabric and the trim together, plus the shaped hem. I hope you can find the cable for your machine!

  2. Great fabric, great trim, great pattern!!! Julia nailed it here! I hope you guys get some warm weather soon!!

  3. I think the feminine dress fits my personality style best. But they’re all lovely. Thanks for featuring the new collocation.Combine with a earring and cross over dress is like your style.