Apple Picking Dress for the birthday girl!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

So my daughter turned 3 this week.  It's seriously hard to believe that she's been on the planet 3 years.  Since she's the 4th (and for sure final) kid, I'm savoring every single minute with her.

I made her this dress last weekend from an Oliver + S pattern - the apple-picking dress in a size 3T with 4T length:

The fabric is corduroy, from Westminster fabric, from my shop.  It's really soft, and a nice shade of pink.

I really wanted it to be something that she liked - girly, spinning, pink, soft fabric.  So, I chose carefully.   I chose buttons carefully, and embellished with some variegated thread using my machine's decorative stitches.

Then, the weather turned 95 degrees....

So, she didn't wear the dress on her birthday, as planned.  We had a small family party.  Her brothers and sister chose gifts for her - her architect student brother bought her Legos, her gymnast sister bought her a Gymnast Dora doll, and her athlete, cool kid brother bought her jewelry and clothes.  Very appropriate gifts from her siblings, and she loved them all.  She also got an easel, Peppa Pig characters, and these boots and umbrella combo.

We managed to take some pictures this morning to send to the grandparents of the newly 3 year old girl....

She's not a big fan of the tie at the neck....for some reason, she is bothered by certain details and says they're scratchy, or uncomfortable.  I may have to think of some way to modify the neck closure on this, because it really is a beautifully put together pattern.  The placket is wonderful really.

So, more sewing for cooler weather this long weekend.....and, more walks at the lagoon for sure....


  1. It is gorgeous on her, Janice - such a pretty colour
    Maybe a band type collar? I haven't (yet) made this pattern - would that work?

    1. Hmmm.....that's a good idea - kind of like the Sunday Brunch collar...if I could pull it off!