Success on several counts....

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm making a concerted effort to:

- use up fabric that I've had for more years than I want to own up to,
- use my machine's embroidery features,
- take into consideration Julia's "style" and what she likes and wants to wear (regardless of my "style")

This one worked for all three:

It's made from purple velour that I've had in a Tupperware bin in my garage for at least 17 years.  I know this because the tag from the moving company is still on the bin from when I moved from Canada to California in 1995!

I used the Oliver + S Class Picnic top pattern.  I saw this modification on Flickr - made by the maker of the Oliver + S pattern, so I know it would totally work!  It's simply elongating the torso, and adding a ruffle.  Easy, except that she recommended that the ruffle should start halfway between the wearer's waist and hipbone - since I couldn't find either Julia's waist, nor hipbone, I kind of just punted!  It actually came out kind of long, but she loves it:

It spins!!!

Once a dress passes the spin test, and it has no tags to itch, and soft fabric, she might just wear it!  Time will tell!

I used some variegated thread to make the snowflakes - I was very pleased the way they came out.

I made this in a size 4, and since it's pretty long, I have hope that she may be able to wear it again next year....

I'm just about to get started with some Christmas sewing.....I have lots on my list, including a baby gift for one of my co-workers....should be a fun month!


  1. Good to now i am not only person who tresures fabric and notions for so many years!!! it makes me feel normal again ; p

    I just made a hairpiece (flower crown) to my daugther to wear at a wedding, and the silky flowers were a remanent of other crowns i did for a cousin wedding, some years ago, as a matter of fact her firstborn child is now 13 y/o so i think i had these flowers resting inside a drawer at least 14 or 15 years now!!!

    1. Of course you're normal!!! That means I am too....I have about 6 good sized tubs of fabric in my garage. Since my daughter's been born and I'm now back to sewing, I think I've used probably ten yards of fabric that I'd had for years, at least since I sewed for my oldest daughter. It makes me feel good to make something from something I've been hoarding!

  2. Love this dress, Janice - looks so comfy - I bet she won't take it off!

    1. Thanks Justine! I do actually think I have a winner with this one, but time will tell - my poor husband gets her off to school in the morning, and he's been having serious clothing battles with her lately...