A Hanukkah Show Playdate....

Monday, December 10, 2012

My daughter goes to a Jewish pre-school.  We're actually no religion, but certainly celebrate Christmas....so, she needed something to wear for the annual Hanukkah show - which will feature Julia's rendition of "Latkes and Applesauce" along with her classmates...sneak preview here:

Click here to watch the video:  Julia sings...

I wanted to make her a dress using the Playdate Dress pattern from Oliver + S.  I made her one previously, and she hated it.  So, not to be deterred, I tried it again:

It's made from very dark navy blue stretch velvet left over from my gymnastic leotard making days....the yoke is linen, with a lace insert.  I considered doing embroidery on the yoke, but I'm glad I didn't.  I don't even have buttons for it, and I may just leave it like this.

It's a size 3 with about 3 inches added to the bottom.  A perfect fit.

Talk about hard to photograph.....

Anyways, here's a couple of modeled shots....I asked her if she'd like to wear it for her show on Friday, and she said yes.....so, we'll see!