My Fabric Stash!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I have a really huge bedroom - there's the main part of the room, then there's actually an alcove off the room.  The people who built our house were cabinet makers by trade, so we have tons of closet space, and storage space.  Before Julia came into our lives, the room was pretty empty - two computer desks, and our bed.

Now, however, I've moved all my sewing equipment into our room, and we have more toys than we ever anticipated taking up space....

I have a bunch of my fabric that I think I may make something from on cubes we bought from Target.

I have some more Tupperware cartons in the garage with large pieces of denim, and corduroy.  I'm pleased with how I've fit a lot of fabric into these cubes....they are semi-organized - which means that I can actually pretty much find whatever I'm looking for.

 I moved my embroidery thread, and separated all my buttons into separate jars - it certainly helps when looking for buttons to have them color coordinated - and Julia was VERY helpful with the separating.  I'm the smaller child in the picture on the left - I loved that picture - looks so old fashioned....

I bought this kind of ugly shelf at an estate sale - it's made of actual wood, and was $10.  When we finally move some big kids out of this house, and Julia gets her own room, I envision painting it and using it for her storage.  In the meantime, it works for keeping my notions and patterns in reach.  Plus, I get to put my Boston Celtics autographed basketball on top....
This is the lovely Ikea table and chair I use for my machines.  It works just fine.  There is a pile of random magazines, etc. on the left of the table that had been ignored for months.....when I went through it just now, there were two $50 Marriott gift cards and a $35 restaurant gift card in the pile. 

So, that's my personal fabric stash.....not too bad!

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