I need another pattern like.....

Monday, March 11, 2013

a hole in the head.  Or, so, that's what I thought.....

The new Oliver + S patterns came out.  I'm going to buy some for my shop - in fact, they're on order.  But, could I wait?  No.  So, I got the digital download of the new Roller Skate Dress pattern. 

When I first ordered Moda fabric, the new line from Zen Chic - Comma - just hit the right chord for me.  It's got bold patterns and colors - right up my alley!  For this project, I chose this:

I loved the colors, the print.  Everything.  Generally, I wouldn't use such nice fabric the first time I sewed a pattern, but I pretty much knew the Roller Skate pattern would be perfect from the ones I've seen popping up in the Flickr group right after the pattern release.

The pattern is a fully lined, very simple dress - with beautiful lines, an elastic waist, and a yoke overlay option.  I used some shot cotton leftover from another project to make this version:

My kid has some new orange Saltwater sandals, so we're also trying to incorporate some orange tones in the wardrobe....

The dress was simple to make, but the neckline could be a little fiddly.  Maybe that's why they rated this as a "two-scissor" pattern.  The construction - as you can always expect from O+S - was ingenious. 
I will DEFINITELY be making several more of these dresses.  This is a size 3 on my 3 year old - fit is perfect.

Post-photo shoot reward for pictures - playing with my buttons with some wooden dowels.....who needs toys!


  1. Gorgeous!
    We have button fanciers in this house too.
    As for toys,I think Tilly has only ever been bought two......

    1. Yeah, by the fourth kid I way smartened up! I wasted SO much money on toys for my oldest....

  2. oh how cute is she?! love this version. :)

    1. Thanks Kristin! It is a wonderful pattern!