A Baby Gift for a Laker Fan....

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'm a huge basketball fan.  I played basketball my whole life, played on my college team.  (Don't be impressed - we were horrible!)  I'm originally from Boston, home of the Boston Celtics basketball team.

Every morning, I get up wearing one of my many Celtics shirts...

I drink coffee from my Boston Celtics mug.  Then, I head off to work, where I work in the land of Laker fans - our arch-rivals.  See, I live in Southern California, where 75% of the basketball fans are Laker fans.

So, here's the reason for this dress...

A Laker dress, for one of my Laker-loving co-workers.  This is going to the my friend Guillermo's beautiful daughter Alyssa - the much awaited first grandchild on either side of the mom and dad's family.  I figured that I would wait before giving him a baby present, as they were inundated with shower gifts when the baby was born.

 It will be presented in this bag: 

A Laker color bag.

The dress is one of my go-to patterns the Ice Cream dress from Oliver + S.  The floral fabric is from Robert Kaufman, and the solid is Color Weave from P&B Textiles.  Totally not colors I would ordinarily use....

The bag is another go-to pattern - the drawstring bag from Little Things to Sew by Oliver + S. 

It actually pained me to sew this outfit in these colors, and it even pained me to insert a photo of Kobe Bryant into my blog!  But, I know my friend will absolutely love this dress for his much loved little girl...she is 8 months old now, and the dress is 12-18 month size, so I think it will be perfect sizing for the on-set of the NBA season - where, both of our teams are going to be horrible this year, so we will commiserate together!


  1. Not being a team follower at all I find this hysterical but Hugo totally got what you were talking about.

    Either way, its a lovely gift.

  2. :) You know that it's a good friend when you're willing to put aside the team rivalry and make something in Laker colors! Adorable gift!

    1. Thanks Cindy! When I gave it to him, one of my friends said I should have made a Celtics color dress, and given it to him in the Laker color bag....I wish I had thought of that!

  3. By the way, I love the new look of your blog!

  4. Oh I that's a great dress. I too am a basketball fan and I play a bit of comp. when we can be bothered to organise a team but I am older and so.much.slower now. Your fabric combo's are great.

  5. That dress is so cute! We are with Julia, so we're Cliiper fans here! I was a little upset to even have to lay eyes on Kobe haha
    I recently started a purple and gold Charlie Dress by Rae and then noticed its laker colors. I added red fabric colored buttons so its better but now its just sitting there haha and i started a matching cardigan. Thats now just sitting also. Its for colder weather so i have plenty time. I was in your neck of the woods yesterday and it was 90 degrees but the water was FREEZING haha

    1. Thanks! I love the Clippers too! You made me laugh about your unintentional Laker color dress!

  6. The dress is darling. I need to make one in UT orange and white (because in Knoxville, there is NO knowledge that anything else exists in the world!) and Suns purple and orange. And I really don't like orange all that much. LOL. I'll look in your shop for that cute pattern, 'cause it looks easy!