New Jammies!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My kiddo is turning 4 in about two months.  It makes sense that she wears a size 4 why am I so sad?  She actually out-grew a size 3 Oliver + S Bedtime Story PJ's pattern....luckily, once I discovered Oliver + S patterns, I made a point to stock up on the larger sizes, knowing that ultimately, this youngest daughter of mine would grow up....

I used some really soft, cozy flannel - one from Riley Blake, and the other from Westminster.  Both are conveniently located in my shop, which makes it really easy to choose for my kid's wardrobe!  In fact, even she knows where to look when we're talking about a new dress....just this morning, she suggested I make a new dress for her, and she headed off toward the bolts of girl!

I've made pajamas from this pattern before, and I knew how easy it was.  Julia really likes them; I think it's kind of like wearing a nice, cuddly robe....the pattern is no longer in paper version, but you can still download it from the Oliver + S site

Here's the result of my weekend sewing:

I've got one more pair of these to sew, and she should be good for "winter" pajamas. 

I've got a TON of stuff cut out and ready to I only need the time!