KCW - what day is it??

Saturday, October 26, 2013

So, I guess this is officially day 6 of Kids Clothes Week.  Somehow, a few days went past with NO sewing whatsoever.....

I jumped back in the saddle this morning after a failed attempt to go to work....oh, so sad, the freeway was closed, so I couldn't get on anywhere, and traffic was totally backed up....so, I made the command decision to turn around and spend some time at home! Good decision, I think!

I had completed a Oliver + S hopscotch earlier this week, and this morning was able to complete the matching top, and get some modeled shots from my fairly cooperative kid...I added a bit of lace between the neck binding and the top - I really like the look and will do it again, but next time will do a better job!!

I made a size 4 in both pieces....next time, I'm going to make a size 5 maybe in the top, and a size 3 in the skirt.  She's got a TON of room to grow in this skirt, in fact, she's now wearing the skirt below that is a size 2 - my goodness, she looks like such a baby in this picture!!!!!:
I'm still cranking away, hoping to complete one more thing by the end of KCW....we'll see!!!!


  1. Ha! "Still cranking away"
    Skirt and top is so pretty in pink and the lace is a nice added detail.

  2. Adorable! Love the old photo too....