Oliver + S School Days Jacket - Done!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

So, after completing my post for the sew-a-long on the Oliver + S blog, the incomplete jacket sat on my sewing table for days and days, taunting me....

In between, we had two birthdays, complete with birthday celebrations at home, soccer, and school.  And, you know, life.

But, I persevered.

After all my research, poring through posts after posts on the Oliver + S forums, I realized there were many decisions/tinkerings to be made.  My final jacket is complete and here's the decisions I made:

  • added interfacing (Pellon SF101) to the facings
  • used pre-made toggle closures
  • used magnetic snaps inside
  • used quilting cotton for lining the hood and sleeves (designed by Liesl Gibson from my shop with a layer of Thinsulate (purchased from Amazon)
  • used a fairly heavy corduroy for the main body
  • used Polartec 100 for lining the body purchased here
And the final result:

 I absolutely love this jacket.  It's not a tough sew, and obviously the Oliver + S instructions are perfect.  There's a lot of steps, but they're all totally logical.  The jacket went together perfectly. 

This is a size 5 on my newly-turned-5-year-old:

I did think I was getting something by her, as I kept trying it on her while I was sewing and she didn't say anything.....but, when the jacket was complete, she said to me "you know I hate brown, right?"....ugh!  She does love the salmon-y color interior, so I'm hoping she'll wear it.

Then, since there was the lovely fleece still sitting on my sewing table, I whipped up a super-cute, very successful (per the child) outfit:

These are the Oliver + S Playtime leggings in a size 4 with about 3 inches added to the length.  A seriously perfect fit.  I used some Modern Workshop interlock knit from the shop - a great weight for leggings.  I love that the waist on these leggings is not high, nor too gathered.  The top is the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan shirt made from the same Polartec 100 that I use to line the jacket.  I used a size 7 because of the weight of the fabric, actually with no modifications.  I added a hood, kangaroo pocket and bottom waistband and wristbands from self fabric.  The hood is lined with the Modern Workshop interlock.

I'm so happy with the result of my most recent sewing - really, this is why I sew.  I feel so accomplished when I create something.  Especially when the kid loves it too!


  1. It looks great Janice.
    Thank you for hosting the sew along.

  2. All of these are perfect! I love the leggings and hoodie,

  3. Thanks for sharing your tips. I still have to sew mine! So I will keep those in mind.
    Happy 5th birthday to the birthday girl!
    And thank you for starting and hosting the sew-along!

  4. The outfit is so cute. I love all the modifications you added to it. It looks so comfortable and cute. I hope your daughter grows to love the jacket. It is beautiful. We both made school days jackets in the past week for our newly turned 5 year old. I made a 7 for my boy since he is so big for his age but it is pretty big on him. Hopefully I can get some good pictures and blog about it soon. :)

  5. That jacket is so cozy! I love the corduroy and the toggles.
    I want a sweater like that! It looks so comfortable!
    My oldest only 4 months younger than Julia, and is also a bit opinionated about what she does and doesn't like. So far she hasn't outright rejected anything I've made for her, but we'll see how long that lasts. =)

  6. She may be a bit fussy about her clothes (and believe me, I feel you there! I think my Joe lives to refuse to wear my hand-mades! GAH), but she is freaking a. dore. able. Love the fleece outfit! You did a great job on both!

  7. Brilliant Janice. Your School Days coat is divine. It looks very lush in the corduroy. Isn't it just the most satisfying thing to make?!
    And yep, when you can whip up some everyday knit clothes like the leggings and hoodie, you're right, that's why we sew. Julia looks gorgeous.

  8. The coat and outfit turned out awesome!! Happy belated birthday julia!!

  9. The coat is lovely, Janice. I hope she comes around and decides that she likes it despite it being brown.;) I love the pink outfit at the end! I have some of that pink fabric but haven't been able to decide what to sew with it. It makes adorable leggings!

  10. The coat is amazing!
    I sure hope she will wear it if only because of the lining - you did such a fab job (my girl is also not wearing hers - not cold enough yet)!