A New Year....

Thursday, January 22, 2015

So, the month is 3/4 over (approximately).

So far, I've kept a resolution.  Yes, I have!

I made a shirt for me!!!

(Photo credit to the 5 year old)

I used the Metro T-Shirt from Liesl & Co.  The fit is so perfect.  I'm so, so happy.  Ridiculously happy in fact.  So happy I'm even sharing the crappy photos....

Another resolution - make a Christmas gift each month.  Well, the next project I completed may end up being a Christmas gift:

This is the Rosie Cross Body Bag from Swoon Patterns.  There's a zipper pocket on the back side.  There's actually supposed to be one inside as well, but I mucked up the directions and decided against it.  I absolutely had to use this sheep fabric from the shop - it's a Japanese fabric from Cosmo Textiles.  I don't know.....something about those sheep!  I also used some vintage piping from the stash - I got it an estate sale and just adore using something that has the original price of 15 cents on it.

Also, this month, in kind with the "buy no clothes for the kid" resolution, I completed a UFO that's been on my table since before Thanksgiving:

The top is a modified Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan T-Shirt.  I did this modification previously - I added a lined hood from another pattern, and a kangaroo pocket and cuffs and a waistband.  The top is velour that I've probably had for about 10-15 years, and the leggings are leftover from gymnastics leotard sewing.  So, seriously, an outfit made from "vintage" shall we say fabric?

Julia wore this to school the day after I made it for her.  At the end of the day, she came out and told me that one of her friends told her she looked like a clown.  We had a good discussion about listening to other people's opinions, and being yourself, etc.  So, I was very happy when this outfit came out of the laundry again and she chose it to wear to school.  Good girl.

I'm happy with my progress on my resolutions so far!!!  At least the sewing-related ones....


  1. Wahoo!! Good job! Ive beenthinking about making me a new top. Does that count? Haha i have to go through my stash and find a non kiddish fabric.
    Your top turned out very cute! I love the fabric choice.
    Julias outfit is cute! Reminds me of the 90's with all the bold colors which i LOVE!!!

  2. Go Janice! I love your top.:)

    Poor poppet. BK is very sensitive and had several outfits that I made critiqued and found wanting by the 'Queen Bee' in her classroom. I gave her a similar talk about how if YOU like something then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks but sadly, she took the friend's opinion to heart. Oh well. Good for Julia deciding to go her own way. I think the outfit is fabulous!!

  3. Awesome sewing. Way to go keeping your resolutions. Its a great shirt - and I love the Rosie, too! Thanks for linking up and I'm so glad you are joining us. Are you planning a Swoon bag for next month's accessories theme? Another member and I are thinking of tackling the Stella once and for all!

  4. gosh she's a cutie! good for her for ignoring the unkind comments, I think she looks fantastic!

  5. Yay Selfish Sewing!!! Awesome!! It's perfect on you! And fantastic outfit for Julia too! You're obviously doing right by her that she's able to feel strong in herself despite those not-so-nice comments from classmates. I'm not sure I would've had the fortitude. Good for her!

  6. You both look fantastic (it's so nice to see you on your blog!). I ADORE that little bag, the colours and fabrics are just perfect. I neve use little bags like that, but aren't they fun to choose fabrics for and plan

  7. Sorry am a bit late to comment but I love your top. Good for you to have made something for yourself! (I also think the sheep fabric is very cool....)