Cloud 9 Voile - A Pleasant Surprise - And A Teeny Give-Away

Monday, February 9, 2015

Well, Kid's Clothes Week passed with me doing exactly one hour of embroidery on the very last day. getting in the way again.

I received some delicious fabric from Organic Cotton Plus - some voile from Cloud 9.  Organic fabric - need I say more?  Well, I had never sewn with voile.  In fact, I don't even think I had ever felt it before.  It's a beautiful weight - lightweight, but not so light that it's difficult to sew.  It's like a cotton lawn, but a bit lighter weight.  I did line the body of this dress using voile as well.

It took me an entire week to decide what to make with this fabric - after all that thought, I came up with the Playdate Dress from Oliver + S.  One of their oldest patterns, but a very lovely one.  I made two previously - here and here.  The first was made from quilting cotton - rejected by the kid.  The second was made from stretch velvet - much loved by the kid.  You just never, how much longer will she want to wear pretty dresses?  Next year, school uniforms for sure.  Ugh.

This is a straight up size 5.  I haven't made her any size 5's yet, but she is 5 years old....I think size-wise she is more like a size 4 with a 6 length, but I'm a very lazy sewist.  I was hoping that this would fit her for a while, but looking at the length, I'm sure she'll outgrow it length-wise fairly soon.  She's still at like 41 pounds - I think she's been the same weight for a year!

Really, the yoke on this pattern just slays me...

I absolutely agonized over the decision to put flat piping under the yoke, or lace.   I also got some absolutely beautiful cotton, organic lace from Organic Cotton Plus.  After playing with it, and thinking about it, I like my decision to just let the embroidery and the beautiful fabric stand for themselves.  The lace will be used in another project, very soon.

After doing some research on the fabric, and the fabric designer, I realized that Lunada Bay, the name of the fabric, is about a ten mile drive from me in Rancho Palos Verdes!  Now, if I were a really good blogger, I would have taken a road trip there for photos....

So, here's the teeny give-away - I have a good 3/4 of a yard left of this lovely fabric.  If you'd like to try it out, just leave a comment.  I'll choose a random winner by Valentine's Day.  I'll send mail to anywhere...

And, by the way, the kid *says* she loves this dress.....we will see!

**********And the giveaway winner is Mikea Gray from Gray Colors - chosen by the very scientific method of the child pulling a number out of a hat!  Hope you like the fabric Mikea!*******


  1. I agree, just lovely. I still haven't made this pattern. I'm nervous that I'd be tempted to make it too fussy and then hate it and so I love that you left off any trim.

  2. It is gorgeous, did you need to line the voile or was it OK? I'd love to win the remaining bit for a class picnic for my baba for our summer holiday (not to Palos Verdes but you can but dream!).

  3. this is a gorgeous dress! Girly but not fussy. I've used voile a few times and those are the dresses that my daughters have worn until they were shreds. I'm sure this one will be much loved too!

  4. I love the embroidered detail. What a fabulous dress!

  5. This is gorgeous Janice! I just traced this pattern to make A's Easter dress. She's missed me sewing for her lately. And btw, if Julia doesn't love it, and you decide to pass it on, I know a little girl who'd love it ;)

  6. Ooooooooh. This is just divine. I love this pattern and its old fashioned details, and your choice of fabric (Art Gallery voile, swoon!) and embroidery is just perfect.

  7. So beautiful! I hope she always likes wearing your pretty dresses. ;)

  8. That is lovely! I really like the embroidery... so pretty! If she grows too quickly in height but not in weight this would be easy to crop into a cute shirt. =)

  9. I love that dress and that fabric! The dress reminds me of the last one i made. Never worked with voile. Sounds comfy.

  10. What a beautiful dress! I love the fabric and would enjoy playing with 3/4 a yard :). I would have been tempted by the lace, too, but think the dress is perfect without it.
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