Tula Pink Meets Oliver and S

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

When new patterns are released by my fave pattern company, I always read what the designer says about them - one of the things that struck me when the Hide and Seek Dress and Tunic was released was that the designer indicated that the yoke would be a great place to feature an unusual or special fabric.

Well, I bought that pattern.  Never made it. 

Then, the Elizabeth Line from Tula Pink arrived.  What to do with a beautiful portrait of a 16th century Queen Elizabeth?  Well, put it right in the middle of my 5 year old's chest, what else!

We will be taking a quick trip to the east coast in a couple of weeks, and my daughter's wardrobe is not ready for this.  I decided to make this pattern in tunic length out of a fairly substantial knit - magenta ponte de roma double knit from the shop.  I'm SO happy with my decision....

Seriously, who else on the planet will have a tunic like this one??!!

She likes it, and already got unsolicited compliments from her father and older sister, so success!

Note on the pattern - this is a size 4 with three inches in length added.  She can definitely wear this for at least a year, I'd imagine.


  1. Great fit and that ponte looks dreamy to sew!

  2. I love this dress in knit. That is definitely a one of a kind dress. It suits her perfectly!

  3. That. Is. Fantastic! I never would have thought to put that snippet of Tula Pink on the hide and seek, but it's just great! Pure originality! Your style is so fun and she looks pretty darn pleased too!

  4. Awesome use of the gorgeous Tula Pink fabric! I love the tunic...it's unique and the colors are so pretty.:)

  5. Love it. Especially the back patterned fabric. Reminds me of scales and my daughter is all things dragons. Constantly on the look out for different types of scales

  6. Love it! My daughter also loves wearing unique clothes. It's beautiful!

  7. This one is a stunner! Well done.