Oliver + S - All The Skirts (by me!)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Have you been following along with the ladies' at Skirt Fixation and their quest to sew All The Skirts?

Well, they asked me to round up the Oliver + S skirts I had sewn - it was quite a little trip down my sewing-memory-lane...

The absolute first pattern I bought and garment I sewed using an Oliver + S pattern was the Sailboat skirt - I combined it the Hopscotch top for an adorable outfit for my then 18 month old:

When girls are still little, they have a combination of diaper butt and protruding gut that makes skirt wearing (in my opinion!) a bit of a style challenge.  But, not to be deterred, I made another:

I have made a few of the Lazy Days skirts - a FREE, and totally simple skirt with an ingenious hem finish:

Another pattern that I've made multiples of is the Hopscotch Skirt - I made a denim version with no pockets, and a linen/cotton one with pockets.  For both, I didn't do buttons down the front; I just sewed the buttons on through all layers.  The skirt pulled on easily, so for my kid's shape, functioning buttons were not necessary.

Another super cute pattern that I need to re-visit is the skirt from the Sunday Brunch pattern...

I have an idea to make this in a knit - I think my daughter would really love it in a comfy fabric.  It's a great pattern!

I've also sewed multiples of the 2+2 skirt - a great pleated skirt pattern - can't go wrong with a pleated skirt!

It seems as if I rarely pair the skirt/top from the same pattern - which really shows you that the Oliver + S patterns are very versatile and can be paired up any way you like.  My daughter wore the skirt from the Clippers outfit to death - she really liked it!

Last, but not least, was a kind of bold-colored corduroy Music Class skirt - another ingenious pattern that I need to re-visit!

So, I've not made all the Oliver + S skirts - I don't own the Badminton Skort pattern (no clue why!).  I took advantage of the discount code offered to buy a Hula Hoop skirt pattern.  And, I own, but have never made, the Swing Set skirt (although I've made the top). 

So, pop back over to the Skirt Fixation blog, and enter to win Oliver + S patterns and gift certificates to the Fat Quarter Shop!  And don't forget the discount code for the Oliver + S site - I know I didn't!


  1. I see a little girl who really needs a tutu! 😊
    Seriously, great skirt collection and I love the baby/toddler photos. I missed that Music Class skirt but really like it.

  2. Omigosh, I love the skirts, but I love the walk down memory lane and that cute little BABY girl most of all!! Such a fun post!! You know I have made very few skirts for Maggie - only one 2+2. Must rectify that!

  3. That's a lot of skirts! The pompom trim on that Sailboat skirt is adorable! And did you applique all of those rainbow hearts on that Lazy Days skirt??

  4. That first photo when she's a baby!!! We're looking forward to see what you make next. Thanks for guest posting this; we love all your Oliver + S skirts!

  5. I remember seeing a lot of these skirts on the group through the years - and I didn't realize that we came to O+S about the same time, and with the same pattern! The Sailboat Skirt was the first one I made too, and my oldest was about 2 at the time. Too funny.

  6. My little miss would LOVE the multi colored heart skirt! I may have to immirtate it for her. I think you blogged that one about 2 years ago? I remember having the same thought haha

  7. I remember seeing that first picture in the flickr pool way back when! All the skirts are adorable and my how much sweet Julia has grown!

  8. Well done you! You've made so many of them!