First up for Kid's Clothes Week Spring 2015....

Sunday, April 26, 2015


This is how blogging during Kid's Clothes Week ends up - a back burner to the actual sewing and photographing.

This dress was made probably in 5 minute spurts; lots of them.  This was actually how I used to sew in the "old days" when my 3 older kids were little.  I would just leave a project out on the sewing table, and every time I walked by, I'd sew a teeny bit.  Things actually did get made that way.

This dress started because we got a bunch of really nice linen in the shop.  Now, when I was a kid, and I would shop with my mom, she would always tell me never to get linen because it wrinkles too much.  Since learning more about fibers, and kids clothes, I think that linen is perfect for kids clothes.  Yes, it wrinkles.  Yes, you can both wash and machine dry it.  You can iron it.  It's super durable.  So, if you can stand an imperfect slightly wrinkled look on your kid (which I actually like) then linen is for you.

This pattern is the Little Ellie dress from Peach Patterns (formerly Wink Designs).  It's a really sweet pattern - what I absolutely love is the round yoke.  The directions are excellent, and the yoke kind of goes together like a magic trick with no exposed seams anywhere. 

So, the red linen is a great dress weight.  My child likes breezy dresses, and this is what she gets.  The print fabric is a quilting cotton - a very large scale print by Jane Sassaman's Wild Child collection.  I'm a huge lover of large scale prints, but probably not on an entire dress.  When you cut it up as an accent, it's pretty much perfect.

See the butterfly?  So, it works for Kids Clothes Week theme of Wild Things, right??


  1. It is very cute and really suits Julia. I am with you on linen, too - I love linen on my kids. And to me, the inevitable rumpliness just gives me an excuse not to iron at all. It's linen - whatchagonnado?

  2. Same here. Love linen. Perfect dress for Julia. It's loud and happy, im guessing that suits her

  3. I love this (and thanks for the share). The red linen teamed with the print are fabulous. You really nailed it with the butterfly placement as well!

  4. It's lovely! I love linen as well :)

  5. Oh, how very fabulous! I didn't notice the butterfly at first. Now that I see it I like it even more. I agree that large scale prints can be lots of fun.