The First Japanese Pattern Sewing Week!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Welcome to the very end of the First Japanese Pattern Sewing Week!

There's a lot of good things on Facebook (and a lot of crazy nut-job things too...) but one thing that is great is like-minded, or at least like-sewing-minded folks coming together.  It's kind of a beautiful thing.

Definitely (if you haven't already) check out these blogs for some seriously amazing creations - all made from a wide variety of Japanese patterns....and, yes, mostly written in Japanese!

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Here's my creation:

I love the clean lines of Japanese patterns.  I only own 4 - 3 children's clothing, and 1 dog clothing generously gifted to me from the brains behind Bartacks and Singletrack.  I actually intended to make a dog outfit for my small pup, but I ran out of pattern tracing paper.  So, poor Sadie has to go without...for now.

I used the Pintuck Smock pattern from Happy Homemade Sew Chic Kids. Yes, it's translated into English.  I feel a bit like a cheat.  I made a long sleeve version which is what is shown on the dress version of the pattern.  I used the size 120 for my tall, skinny-ish 6 year old.  For the top, I used fabric from my shop - a lawn from Kokka.  Lawn really is a great choice for this pattern, in my opinion.  Being cheap with my fabric, I actually couldn't squeeze in the pattern pieces with a seam allowance for the hem, so I thought I'd add some lace.  Turns out, my kid really, really likes lace.  She squealed when she saw the back pockets on the shorts.

For the shorts, I used another pattern from Sew Chic Kids - Shorts with Back Pockets.  I really didn't even read the directions for these, as they are pretty simple shorts.  I made a size 110 in these as I wasn't sure if the kid would go for the long fairly oversized shorts.  Turns out she fits perfectly in the 110 and she was very happy with the shorts.  Next time, I think I"ll combine the pockets on the Knee Length Shorts pattern with this pattern as my child really likes both front and back pockets.  The fabric on the shorts is from the shop also - Denim Chambray Dobby from Robert Kaufman. 

Stuff I messed up on- I did the pintucks the wrong way.  I think they're supposed to stick out on the front side, not the back.  I didn't cut the front neck facing strip on the bias so it doesn't lay very well.  And, next time I make this top, I will use a plain fabric just so the sweet details show up better.

And, last but not least, there's a giveaway!

- One pack of 2 two Japanese Sewing books from Tuttle Publishing
- One pack of 2 two Japanese Sewing books from Tuttle Publishing
- A $40 fabric voucher from Urban Sew 

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  1. Oh man a sewing blog post with dog clothes would have been epic haha but this is pretty darn cute too. Your daughter is adorable!! I love the fabric you used!

  2. I am going to have to add that book to my christmas wish list! I love both of these, so sweet and girly and yet totally practical. Love this outfit so much :-)

  3. So cute! You daughter looks so sweet! Love it!

  4. They look good, I especially love the fabric you used for the shorts :)

  5. What a beautifull top. Your girl looks soooo cute in it. I love the lace detail <3

  6. Your girl is really cute, the outfit looks great on her! I can't wait to see your dog in Japanese clothes... I will be stalking your blog! That's too funny to miss!

  7. I love these patterns so much and I am only just resisting buying one.
    Julia looks so lovely, I adore this outfit.

  8. I love this!! I honestly think I like the pintucks better the way you did them here than in the book, and the lace is sooooo sweet. Great outfit!

  9. I have to confess I was really hoping to see Sadie in a deerstalker dog coat!, But wow, Julia has rocked this outfit! I love the lace hem too, and you know me, Mrs plain-beige, when I like lace, it's saying something! :)
    The shorts fit is spot on (pun intended) and I absolutely noticed how nicely you cut those pockets! touche
    I'm very happy to see that the size 110cm pants I recently mad my 4 year old will probably fit for years to come. yay!

  10. Such a lovely outfit! The lace details are adorable! It is so good when the kids love what we make for them :-) Now, I would love to see the dog outfit too, one day!

  11. Gosh i love Japanese patterns - this blouse is absolutely gorgeous!! Your girl looks so happy and gorgeous in it - home run!!

  12. That lace!! I was just thinking i need more for next summer outfits

  13. I love everything about it, the lace, long sleeves and fabric choice, it's simplicity made it stands out at all.

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