A Tried and True Absolute Favorite

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wow, I can't believe it's been since November that I've blogged!  Yikes!

I have been doing a bit of sewing - super-boring school uniforms....

You get the picture - a bunch of stuff that is useful, but tough to get excited about!  And there's more of these - way more!

So, here's my first non-uniform make in several months....the Jump Rope Dress from Oliver + S.  This is one of their oldest patterns, and definitely one of my - and Julia's - favorites.

I used fabric chosen by Julia - two lawns from Woodland Clearing by Liesl Gibson for Robert Kaufman.  We brought this line to Quiltcon and it pretty much got decimated.  More about that in a bit....

Julia chose a subtle contrast for the collar/placket.  If you haven't make this pattern, quickly run to the Oliver + S site and buy it if you want the most satisfying sew ever.  Ren of The Inspired Wren recently was feature on the Oliver + S blog with her versions of this pattern - she highlighted several of her plackets and I'm here to tell you that every time I make this dress, I hang up the completed bodice and admire my own work for at least a day!  There's something about that placket....

And about the fabric - well, our little business had a booth at the huge quilt show, Quiltcon.  It was an absolutely amazing experience.  We met a bunch of wonderful people who share the love of sewing.  My poor kid had to attend for 3 days - pretty tough for a 6 year old, but she schmoozed with all the other vendors, and met fabric designers like the super-nice Melody Miller from Cotton + Steel...

There's definitely something to be said for having actual in-person contact with your customers - people who get to feel the fabric, and see the fabric up close and personal.  Which is why our collection of Woodland Clearing got thrashed - people absolutely adored it!  It's soft so lots of folks told me that they were going to be using it for baby clothes.  Personally, I'd love to see/feel a quilt made from cotton lawn.

Anyways, watch this space for more sewing!  My kid is quickly growing and seriously has no summer clothes!  As a note, the Jump Rope dress is sewn in a size 5 with 7 length.  I can't even believe that I'm using a 7 length for my baby!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Janice,I absolutely adore this dress.
    Julia looks beautiful.
    xx N

  2. Good to "see" you, and to see Julia! She is getting so big!

  3. That fabric is gorgeous, and it looks lovely on Julia! That placket really is lovely.
    How fun to be able to be at QuiltCon!

  4. That is a fabulous jump rope dress, but the Music Class blouse and Butterfly skirt in the opening picture are pretty fab too. Nothing boring about that.
    Glad to hear the fabric was well received and you had a good QuiltCon

  5. First of all, Julia is the sweetest thing ever! I love her smile!

    Second, that is a really beautiful dress. I really, really love the subtle collar and tabs. What a lovely and almost grown-up choice! Very very pretty!

    For a school uniform, the Music Class blouse and Butterfly Skirt make a very special pair!

  6. Look at you blogging! I may have to get that pattern. I have no oliver & s patterns. Dont know how that happened

  7. I love your Jump Rope dress - it goes so beautifully with that fabric! - but I am actually really really interested in that first picture! Particularly the skirt. It's so pretty! I am going to have to revisit that Butterfly skirt pattern now!

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