KCWC - Days 6 and 7....and, Success!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

For the last of KCWC, I made a jacket from a pattern I had downloaded from Etsy, from Dear My Kids.  This was the first time I tried one of their patterns, and it won't be the last because I now own 6 of their patterns....

The pattern came together well, but there were a couple of spots I didn't get.  For example, the back isn't cut on the fold, rather pieced together so there's a seam down the middle.  The pleat then is sewn about an inch from the seam.  To me, unless there's something I'm missing, it would look so much better without the middle seam.  So, that's what I'll do next time.  And, I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to attach the sleeves at the hem when turning the jacket right-side-out after sewing the lining.  Other than that, the pattern went together beautifully.  I thought I'd have more issues with the curved yoke, but it fit perfectly and looks really nice.  I have another jacket planned with this same pattern in a light blue corduroy lined with some of my hoarded Cape Ann fabric.

Here's the jacket:
It's a size 4, which turned out HUGE!  I was thinking that I should make it big, because I want her to wear it for a while, but I'm thinking she could wear this til she's in kindergarten!  I'll definitely sew a 3 (if not a 2) next time.

The fabric is a Kokka canvas, or so they call it.  Canvas, to me, is hard and scratchy, but this is not.  I washed it and line dried it, per the manufacturer's instructions, and it's really soft and comfortable.  It's just not heavyweight.  The lining is shot cotton.  It's a pretty lightweight jacket, but definitely good for an outer layer.

Here's all the things I made this week....I'm pretty damned pleased with myself!!

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