Julia's Views

The Hanami Dress by Straightgrain

Q:  So, Julia, do you like this dress?
A:  Yes, I love it!

Q:  So, Julia, tell me why you love it.
A:  I like the way that it spins, and it's really, really, really comfortable.

Q:  What do you think of the fabric:
A:  The fabric, I love it cause it really, really loves me.

Q:  What do you like best about the dress and why:
A:  I like the waist, because it doesn't bother me, and it's cool.

Q:  Where would you wear this dress:
A:  To a party, and that's it.  I'd wear it swimming if you let me.

The September Tunic by toosweetpatterns

Q:  Ok, Julia, what do you think about this top:
A:  I like it, the way it felt like a princess

Q:  What do you think of the fabric?:
A:  I like the little things (the eyelet)

Q:  Tell me, why does it make you feel like a princess:
A:  Because it has princess arms

Q:  Where would you wear this top:
A:  I would wear it on a boat, duh!

The Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House Creations 
Q:  I see you're wearing a new dress - tell me about it.
A:  Well, it spins and it has pockets.  And, I ripped the neck.  I'm sorry.

Q:  Do you like the dress?
A:  I love the dress.  I wish I could zipper it by myself though.

Q:  What's your favorite thing about the dress?
A:  I think the fabric is what a queen would wear.  She would be the boss of the kingdom in this dress.

Q:  Do you want to be the boss of the kingdom?
A:  Yes, but only when I grow up.

School Bus T-Shirt and Playtime Leggings
Q:  So tell me, do you like this outfit?
A:  Yes.  Cause it's soft and nice and furry.

Q:  What do you like about the fabric?
A:  The fabric is nice and I like this little bow tie.

Q:  Do you like the leggings?
A:  Yes, cause they keep my ankles nice and warm.

Q:  Where would you wear this outfit?
A:  To a party - to my school friend's party.

School Bus T-Shirt and Alder Skirt from Imagine Gnats
Q: You've worn this outfit 3 times already - why do you like it so much?
A:  It looks nice on me, but there's one thing that I like is the flowers on the skirt.

Q:  What do you like about the skirt:
A:  Yes!  Pockets, pockets, pockets!  I like that I can put stuff in it.  I like it when it absotuvesly spins.

Q:  Where would you wear this outfit?
A:  I would wear this outfit to a party and to a birthday party.  And, that's it.

Pullover Parka from Happy Homemade Kids
Q:  Julia, do you like this top?
A:  Yes

Q:  Why do you like it?
A:  Cause the dolphin - cause I like the whale.  I like his tail going over the water.

Q:  Are you going to wear this?
A:  Yes, I'm going to wear it to play tennis.  And maybe the beach if it's cold.

A Cotton + Steel Garden Party Dress
Q:  Tell me what you think about this dress:
 A: I just like the flowers.  I like the red,and the gold,  and it's comfortable

Q:  If you had this fabric, what would you make from it?
 A:  A sleeveless shirt, or pants.  Or a tiara. 

Q:  Where would you wear this dress?
A:  To a party, or to a restaurant


  1. Haha too cute. I love hearing the views from a child. You should let her wear it swimming haha

  2. :) I'm looking forward to more of Julia's View!

  3. This is awesome. I can't wait to read more. The things little kids say slay me. "Wear it on a boat, duh!" Lol